Get a lifetime boat registration

Boat Registration with Polish Flag
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Certificate issued in 24h
Official Certificate issued in Poland and internationally recognised
No yacht inspections for lengths up to 15m
Available to citizens of all nationalities
Recreational or Commercial/Charter use
Official Flag Registration
No mandatory safety equipment list (see our recommendation below)
Certificate valid for life
We can request the mandatoty Ship Radio License (MMSI)
Dedicated team in Poland
All translations into Polish are included
All documentation can be sent via e-mail
VAT will not be charged to EU companies
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MMSI Radio Official Certificate
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MMSI & callsign for your radio
Ship Radio License valid worldwide and can be used with the Polish Flag
Includes license to 1 VHF Radio or more devices
Available for AIS, EPIRB or PLB, Radar
MMSI recognised internationally
International Radio Callsign
Radio Operator License not mandatory for MMSI request
License Issued by the Official Authorities
Certificate valid for 10 years (€279 agent yearly fee only)
VAT will not be charged to EU companies
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VHF Portable Radio with MMSI license included
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VHF Radio with DSC/GPS and MMSI license included
Portable Radio License issued by the UK authorities
Radio is shipped with Digital MMSI/Callsign Certificate
Radio Operator License not mandatory for MMSI/callsign request
License is automatically renewable every year
VAT will not be charged to EU companies
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Change your Boat Registration
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Change any existing registration
We will provide all sort of changes to your existing Polish Boat certificate
Change/Add new engine
Change Boat Name
Add/change Auxiliary Boat (Dinghy)
Change Pleasure/Commercial Use
Delete Polish Registration
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