We offer several services, such as the Boat Registration in Poland, MMSI Radio License and Boat Insurance

MMSI Radio Official Certificate
prices starting from
MMSI assigned in 24 hours
Ship Radio License valid worldwide and can be used with any flag.
Includes license to 1 VHF Radio or more devices
MMSI recognised internationally
International Radio Callsign
License Issued by the Official Authorities
Official Flag Registration
No course required
Certificate valid for 10 years
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Boat Registration in Poland
prices starting from
Certificate issued in 1 week
Official Certificate issued in Poland and internationally recognised
Certificate issued in 3 days
No yacht inspections for lengths up to 24m
Available to citizens of all nationalities
Recreational or Commercial use
No Maritime restrictions
Official Flag Registration
No yearly renewal fees
Official Certificate recognised worldwide
Certificate valid for life
Optional International Ship Radio License (MMSI)
All translations into Polish are included
Optional Hull and Third Party Liability Insurance
All documentation can be sent via e-mail
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Hull and Third Party Liability Insurance
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Yacht Hull Insurance from Pantaenius
Covers you for total loss and partial damage to your yacht
Protection against all risks
New for old
Agreed fixed value
No deductible for you
Fast breakdown assistance
Transport and storage
Inspection costs included
Trailer and cradle
Cruising Area
Gross negligence
Accommodation and return journey costs
Construction and material errors
Salvage? No problem!
Inventory and equipment
Engine clause
Third Party Liability Insurance
Best prices in the market
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Do I need an Official Certificate for my boat? And why should I choose the Polish Flag?

Every yacht requires an Official Flag Registration. If you don’t have one, registering your boat with a Polish flag, brings you many advantages:

  • No inspections for boats with a length of up to 24m
  • No Maritime restrictions – You can fly the ship anywhere in the world
  • Official Flag Registration with the Polish Authorities
  • Registration can take as fast as one week
  • No yearly renewal fees – This will be a certificate for life
  • Commercial use is also possible up to 12 persons on board (including crew)
No skipper license is required for
– sailboats length up 7,5 m (which may be equipped with an auxiliary engine)
– motorboats up to 10 kW
– practicing water tourism on motorboats with an engine power up to 75 kW with a hull length up to 13m, where the maximum speed is structurally limited to 15 km/h

The Registration with the Polish Flag is available to any citizen in the world or a EU based company (We will provide a legal representative and a Polish official address for you)

Once we receive your order for a Boat Registration, we will need the following documentation:

  • The new boat name, in case you want to change it.
  • A document that proves the ownership – bill of sale, invoice, etc – needs to be stamped by a authority (notary, lawyer, city counsel, etc.)
  • the document that proves the ship’s dimensions, hull’s material, producer, place of building, year, type of the vessel (ex. Bavaria or Sea Doo), category, maximal number of people allowed on it
  • If the vessel has an engine, the document that proves the engine’s power (CE declaration, picture of nameplates on or the manufacturer’s manual)
  • Copy of the cancelation of the previous registration
  • Copy of the CE certificate OR Builder’s Certificate OR any other document showing the dimensions of the vessel.
  • Copy of the owner’s passport 

This information can be submitted by replying to the order confirmation e-mail that you will receive.

After we receive your documentation, we will send you a pre-filled form that you need to sign and send back to us.

A scanned copy of the  issued certificate will be sent to your e-mail and the original document sent by post.

Can I request an insurance for my boat?
Yes, you can request a quote for the insurance of your boat.

Why do I need a MMSI Radio Licence for my boat?
All vessels carrying a fixed or portable radio require a MMSI Radio License. When applying for a MMSI Radio License, you will need to submit information about your vessel, like name, tonnage, port of registration, list of safety equipment onboard, etc.

I only have a VHF portable radio. Do I still need a MMSI Radio License?
All vessels carrying a portable radio require a Ship Portable Radio License. When applying for a MMSI Radio License, you will need to submit information about your vessel, like name, tonnage, port of registration, list of safety equipment onboard, etc.

Can I get a MMSI Radio License for any type of boat?
Yes, all the licenses we provide are issued by the Official Authorities and can accommodate any type of vessel.

My boat is used commercially. Is your license valid for such operation?
Yes, all the licenses we provide are issued by the Official Authorities and are valid for both leisure and commercial operation.

Is this MMSI Radio License valid in my country?
Yes, all the licenses we provide are issued by the Official Authorities and are valid anywhere in the world.

Will I receive a paper MMSI Radio License?
All MMSI Radio Licenses issued by the Official Authorities are in PDF format. We will send you an e-mail with your License, that you should print and keep onboard of the vessel.

Can I change an existing MMSI Radio License?
Yes, as far as you have purchased your license from mmsi-radio.com. Changes to an existing MMSI Radio License have a cost of €99.

I changed the name of the boat. Can I get a new MMSI Radio License for the new boat’s name?
Yes. If you purchased the License originally from mmsi-radio.com, we can amend the existing license for a fee of €99. If you have purchased the license from a different vendor, you need to apply to a new MMSI Radio License.

Do I need a MMSI?
If you have a DSC-radio or an AIS transponder you are required to have an MMSI. All our plans include a Radio License with the MMSI number.

What is a DSC-Radio?
At present time, all VHF Maritime radios have DSC (Digital Selective Calling). DSC is a standard for transmitting pre-defined digital messages via the medium-frequency (MF), high-frequency (HF) and very-high-frequency (VHF) maritime radio systems. It is a core part of the Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS).

What is a MMSI?
A Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) is a series of nine digits which are sent in digital form over a radio frequency channel in order to uniquely identify ship stations, ship earth stations, coast stations, coast earth stations, and group calls. These identities are formed in such a way that the identity or part thereof can be used by telephone and telex subscribers connected to the general telecommunications network to call ships automatically.

Is VAT included in the prices?
No. 23% VAT will be added to your total.