Jet Ski Registration in Poland


We have 100% success rate in obtaining the Polish Certificate. If, for some reason, we can not have your application approved, we will give you a full refund.

Check below the available options and the extra cost for each selection.

Jet Ski usage

Jet Ski ownership *

Max passengers on board *

Type of waters *

Hull Identification Number (HIN)

What is a HIN number?
The twelve-character HIN is made up of three letters, which indicate:

Five-character serial number
Month and year of production
Year of production
Example: BEX12345B607

Boat Name *

Please enter the Boat’s Name (in case you want to change it, please enter the new name)

Boat owner’s e-mail address *

Please enter the Boat’s Owner e-mail address for the registration. If you are a reseller, please enter your e-mail address instead.

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If there is more than one owner, you can add the details of the other owners(include name, full address and e-mail) in the comments field of the order, during the checkout process. We will request a copy of the passports/ID Cards of all owners.

You will be applying for a Certificate of Sea-Going Jet Ski in Poland recognised internationally.

There are many advantages with this certificate

  • No boat inspections
  • No Maritime restrictions – You can fly the ship anywhere in the world
  • Official Flag Registration with the Polish Authorities
  • Full Registration takes about 4 weeks (provisional certificate in 24h or 7 days)
  • No yearly renewal fees – This will be a certificate for life
  • Commercial use is also possible (for renting)