How to Reset the Garmin AIS 600 MMSI




So, you bought a new boat, it comes with a Garmin AIS 600, and now you need to change the MMSI. What to do now?

Under normal circumstances, you would need to return the AIS 600 back to Garmin, wait a few days, pay a fee and wait until they mail it back. This is nonsense. Not for the fee, but just because you need to remove the unit out of the vessel and pray that the post will not lose a $1000 device. And what a device!!! The AIS 600 is one of the best ever, besides it has 20W output power, unlike most competitors that transmit at 2W or 5W maximum.

So, in this page, you will be able to reset the MMSI of your Garmin AIS 600. You don’t need to remove it from the vessel. Just connect the AIS 600 to a PC via USB, and we will provide you the necessary files to make the change on the fly. It takes 1 minute to install and a few seconds to reset the unit. You will be able to enter a new MMSI again and again, the boat name, length, type, etc., as if it was the first time. You don’t need to have the original Garmin AIS 600 Software CD.

Furthermore, you can repeat the process as many times as you want, and it works with any version of the Garmin AIS 600.

As soon as you complete the purchase, you can download the required files.