Retevis RM20 25W Fixed Mount VHF Marine Radio With GPS and MMSI License included

199,00 / year and a 299,00 sign-up fee

What is included in this package?

VHF marine Radio with DSC/GPS with MMSI
MMSI/Callsign Certificate

Do I need a radio operator license to order the Radio and the MMSI?
No, it is not a requirement.

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1. RM20 25W Fixed Mount Marine VHF Radio

The RM20 25W fixed mount marine VHF radio, ip67 waterproof, NOAA Weather alarm, High volume, VHF DSC marine radio, Dual /Tri Watch, which is the best radio for boat and cruise ships.

2.High volume, Clear and Crisp Audio

It is vital to have clear communication while on the water and Retevis kept that in mind when designing RM20. The speaker is placed on the front panel, without shielding, and the audio is crisp. High volume, up to 110dB;  Support external speaker with 3.5mm pin, and features a separate squelch knob to eliminate unwanted background noise such as wind and engines.

3. RM20 Marine VHF Radio with GPS

Built with GPS receiver, simply power on and press DCS for 1 second, and your radio will instantly and accurately receive your GPS location no matter where you are, a feature especially important when in an emergency situation.

4. IP67 Waterproof and Vibration Water Draining Function

IP67 waterproof (1 m depth of water for 30 minutes) and Vibration drainage function(While pushing and holding [▲] and [▼], turn power ON. “ VIB WATER ” appears.)

5. NOAA Weather alarm

The weather at sea can be very changeable, and NOAA broadcast can help you up to date on weather trends and emergencies. This radio has 10 weather channels. When the weather alert function is on, 24 hour access to national All-Hazards and weather information on weather channels;NOAA  Weather alarm Alerts you to nearby threatening weather.

6. Dual/Tri Watch
Dual/Tri Watch,You can set dual watch or tri watch in menu system to monitor reception of multiple channels automatically including channel 16 plus other channels of your choice.

7.Super Long Distance Marine VHF radio Communication Systems

This marine VHF radio allows long distance comunication coverage of 10-15 km at sea with 25 watts output in the US, Canada and internationally, enabling ships to stay in touch with shore and other ships.

8. One Click to Channel 16/9

It’s important that boaters use the correct channel when communicating on a marine VHF radio band. Channel 16 and 9 are very important common channels especially for recreational boats. The “16” key is for quick access to channel 16 and 9.

9.RM20 VHF DSC marine Radio

RM20 is a standard VHF DSC marine radio. In the event of an unexpected emergency, press DSC button and your MMSI and exact position will be sent to the Coast Guard and other vessels.

10. One Click For Help

There is a separate “Emergency Alarm” button, press that button to make a distress call in emergency. The nearby shore station and other vessels with DSC equipped will receive this call, and it will alarm for quick rescue.

11. Easy to Operate

This compact radio is easy to be installed and easy to operate. The dot-matrix LCD screen allows you to read the parameters and settings easily and menu system with programmable soft keys gives you simplified functionality.